Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family Letter April 2008

April 14, 2008

Dear Family,

Just wanted to send a quick letter and let you know what we are doing and such.
We watched Jamie's four children, Thursday - Sunday while they went to New York.
They finalized Trent's contract to work there and scouted the area seeing where would be a place to live. They should move sometime this summer probably July.
I had a busy three days keeping 4 children, busy, fed, clothed, and bathed. I slept with the kids at their house on Thursday night and Saturday night. ( Literally slept with them, Julianne then Madeline ended up in bed with me the first night, and the 2nd night at their home I gave up and just Julianne sleep with me to start with) We stayed here at our home on Friday night and Sunday until they picked them up about 9:30 pm. The weather was beautiful and we played outside alot and swam in the pool and hot tub a few times. This brought back many memories of trying to keep children happy, and also keep house picked up which meant it was never ending. So I am glad Jamie does this daily and I just get the occasionally challenge. The kids were all so good and that little Adam gave his Granny lots of smiles and hugs and kisses. He was right there ready to help clean-up everything, very insistent on helping. Jamie had told me he liked to just squirt water from a bottle with a towel and that would entertain him for a long time, which it did, until he would squirt his sisters and was becoming a little too mischievous, he was very sad when I took it away.

Friday night, Craig and Tyler went to the Father-Son campout and had a great time, they went after baseball practice which is 5:30 - 6:30 on Fridays and came back in time to make the 12:15 game on Sat. This year is kid pitch and Tyler has been pitching a couple of innings each game.
It was nice to have Carrie home Sunday evening and have a turn at playing games with the kids. She managed to work on Saturday and her church is in the afternoon so she was gone most of the time. Carrie works 5 days a week but has to work on Saturdays once or twice a month and so gets another week day off on that week.

Amber and Dan were here last week from Monday to Thursday and found an apartment to rent. They move here the end of April after Dan's graduation from BYU. They will be living close to the medical center which is also close to downtown where Dan will be working. We are excited to have little Megan close by so she can get to know us and of course Amber and Dan also.

Well out to my garden to do some weeding, it is such a nice cool day today highs in the 70's.

Love you all,
Candy and Craig and Tyler

Spring Garden 2008

While many of you around the country are still trying to warm up, we have been having beautiful cool days in the 70's and 80's. I planted my garden in March and it is doing well. Thought I would show some pictures. This year I planted several varities of tomatoes, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, carrots and cilantro.

Baseball Fever

Baseball season is underway. Tyler not only loves to play but keeps up with the Houston Astros as well.

1st Place Science Fair

Tyler was pretty excited to get first place for 5th grade Science Fair this year.