Friday, January 14, 2011

Brazos Bend Bike riding

We decided to take advantage of a sunny nice day and go ride our bikes at Brazos Bend State Park. Shad, Hailey, Zach and Chloe came also. Craig, Candy and Tyler all rode bikes. Hailey was a little timid riding her bike without training wheels on the rocky path, but she did great. Once she got home to a paved road she was a pro. We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed the day. Shad got the best workout pulling the trailer with Zach and Chloe behind him.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dec. 28- Celebrated 36 years of Marriage

It's hard to believe we have been together for 36 years. They have been wonderful. We have the best kids and grandkids. Life is wonderful. Shad and Amy took us out to Perry's steak house and it was so good especially because I could eat and it was delicious, filet mignon, shrimp and lobster.

Christmas Vacation

Tyler and Craig spent 4 days at Disney World the week before Christmas. They just had a blast.
We had Christmas surrounded by all our kids and grandkids except Jamie's family.
We got in the hot tub one day and Dan and Tyler made a quick jump to the big pool, FREEZING! The kids came over and helped us decorate our tree. We had a nice dinner Christmas Eve at Shad and Amy's home. We attended a live Nativity at our Friend's church and took picture with the camel. It was a great time.