Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sisters Get Together 2009

My Sister Tobi and husband Scott have been in Malaysia for 6 months and came back for a visit. A great excuse to get together with all the siblings. We had such a nice time.
Vicki, Tami and I stayed with Dad and Mama Lanie. Penny stayed with Tab and Pam. We got to be with Terri and John also. Helmut and Lark also came to the family gathering on Friday night along with Tobi's children and grandchildren. Lots of fun. I missed getting a picture of Tab and Pam but we sure did have fun being with them also.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still got it after all these years

Most Wednesday nights, the ladies gather at the church at 9 pm to play volleyball for an hour and half. It is really fun especially when we get enough to really play. It's fun to have Carrie here so we can play together or against each other, Ha!
We had our stake volleyball tournament a couple weeks ago and our ward had 3 teams.
I played on the championship team !

Cute pics of grandkids

Closet Redo

For years I had a desk in our bedroom that I kept my sewing machine on. A few years ago we finally bought new bedroom furniture and got rid of the desk. I took one of the bedrooms and made it my sewing room. I still had half my closet that I kept my craft and other things in. But I decided I really wanted to redo my closet and spread out my hanging clothes but still have room for other things. So I started going through all the stuff I had tucked into every available space. It's amazing what you can fit into a small closet. But the redo is complete, except I will still add a few pull out baskets when they go on sale in Dec.

Youth Temple Trip

Tyler went to the temple for the first time this past Saturday. He got to do baptisms for those that have passed on and couldn't do for themselves. He was able to do the work for Uncle Robbie. That was a special moment.

Braces for Tyler

It's nice to have a son who is in his last year of Orthodontics. Shad put braces on Tyler this last month. He had to also pulled his last baby tooth. Already we can see changes for the good.