Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Summer Pics -2008

Offshore Fishing-Finally!!!

Craig, Tyler and Craig's friend, Taylor Maxwell took the boat off shore this past Friday. Shad and Dan were dying to go but both had to work. They tried to go over the long 4th week-end but the weather didn't co-operate and the waves were too high.
On Friday the waves were .7 feet, perfect weather for fishing offshore. They went out 16 miles off the south jetty. It was a hot day but that didn't slow them down. They caught lots of big fish, mosty King fish,Spanish maceral and Trigger Fish.

Swimming in July

Summer is always busy because of swim team and water polo. Tyler starts swim team in the middle of May. There are meets every Monday in June and then the championship meet is held before July 4th. Water polo starts in June and we ended with the tournament this week. It was an all day event. The 14 and under boys don't have enough boys so the 12 and under boys join in with this team and also play in their age division. We played the older division in the morning on Thursday and came back for the 12 year old division at 5:00. The games are about 45 minutes long and they play hard swimming with their heads out of the water, no goggles and moving that ball around to score goals much like soccer in the water. Tyler is a pretty good ball handler and scored many goals throughout the season.
For swim team, he swims freestyle, butterfly, breastroke and is usually on the Medley relay team. He improved as season continued and swam in the breastroke and the Medley relay for the Championship. Their relay placed first. It's been another fun swim season.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July 2008

We started the day with a fun run and breakfast at the church. Tyler and Craig did the fun run and I came along the finish line in the car to join in for Breakfast. It was already so hot. There was no trouble knowing who did the run as their faces were bright red and they were hot. It was fun to meet some new families and see all the regulars for breakfast. Since this is a building breakfast, both Shad's and Amber's families participated. Then back to the house to cleanup, prepare food and swim. The original plan was for the guys to go fishing but the gulf did not co-operate the seas were 3 feet. So plan two, go to the lake. As Craig was preparing the boat, Shad and I ran to Academy to get a few more life jackets and an inner tube. When we returned we realized the boat registration had just expired so we have to get that taken care of before taking the boat out. We actually have it paid but couldn't find the sticker. Amber, Dan and Megan came to the house and then Shad's family also came over to swim. We picked up some pizza, went swimming and then watched a movie. At 4:30 we got ready to go to Jamie's home. We shared a delicious dinner together. Smoked beef brisket, pork tenderloin, watermelon, cantalope, salad, chips, tortillas, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. It was all so delicious. Then we all got ready and went to Jamie's neighborhood pool. They have a lazy river and slide. The kids all had a lot of fun and it was very relaxing. Then back to Jamie's house for icecream and fireworks. The boys went off to buy fireworks and while we waited we went outside Jamie's home, many in the neighborhood were shooting off all kinds of fireworks it was quite a display. But Tyler and all had a lot of fun doing our own fireworks. The little ones got to do sparklers and it was fun to watch them. It was a long day and we were all pretty tired when we finally got back home about 11 pm.