Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Fun

Craig, Candy and Tyler, When Did He Get So TALL!

Rook games

More Family and Friends June 2011

Shellie Bowman

It takes 3 weeks for eyebrows and lashes to grow back, Tami giving me a make-up

Little Brother Tab, sure love that guy!

Family and Friends June 2011

Tobi, Tami, Vicki, Candy, Penny and Terri

Early Birthday Party for Tobi and Candy -
Tyler, Amber, Zach, Chloe, Megan, Candy, Hailey, Amy, Carrie, Molly & Dan

Friends - Candy and Julia Floyd

Tami & Candy

My Brother, Tab Bingham, Tami, Candy & Tobi

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bingham Cousins 2011

We had a Bingham counsins reunion, April 23rd. We had such a good time getting reacquanted
(Maria Sanders, Terri Lorz, Carrie Hanis, Tyler Hanis, Michelle Ross)

(Jared Payne, Michelle Ross, Jeff Johnston, Nolan, Kash, Jaylee, and Treo Sanders, Marisa Smith, Dan Johnston, Kevin Johnston)

Kash and Nolan Sanders

Maria Sanders, Terri Ross, Tyler Hanis, Carrie Hanis, Michelle Ross, Kash Sanders

Grandfather Bingham, Julian Sanders

John Lorz, Dan Johnston, Penny Johnston, Grandfather

Dan and Penny Johnston and Grandfather

Dan and Penny Johnston

Chuck Cooley, Shad Hanis, Tami Cooley, Justin Sanders

Candy Hanis, Grandfather Bingham, Tyler Hanis, Shad Hanis

Shad, Tyler and Candy Hanis

Amber and Brooke Aird

Amber and Brooke Aird and Grandfather

Michelle and Julia

Megan Aird, Marisa Smith, Treba Jensen

Shad, Candy, Grandfather

Brock and Jennie Keddington

Janet Madsen, Sheryl Martinsen, Evelyn Kinkaid

John Perry, Linda Arnold, Teresa Richards, Nina Lewis, Evelyn Kinkaid, Janet Madsen,
Penny Johnston, Margaret Snow, Ileene Young
Front Tami Cooley, Margie Mott, Candy Hanis, Sheryl Martensen, Terri Lorz

Tab Bingham in front

Winifred Green, Delyle Richards, and Grandfather

Vernean and John Perry

Ernie and Elaine Weeks

Catherine and Graham Hopkins, Jean Hawkins, Gary and Margaret Snow