Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot Tubbing in the rain

Jamie's kids were excited to come to Granny's house to play and get in the hot tub. We had gone to the Science museum with friends and then came back to house to have dinner and get in hot tub. The day had been overcast and windy most of the day. Everyone got ready for hot tub and all got in and not more than five minutes later we had a very heavy down pour. Jamie grabbed the pool umbrella to put over heads, the rain water is very cold so the hot tub cooled down. They thought they might wait it out but it just kept on raining. So everyone got out. About fifteen minutes later the rain moved on and the sun came out.

The Blue Ocean

A few more pictures from Cozumel.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Saturday was our day in Cozumel. We left boat with all our snorkeling stuff and got a taxi to take us to Chackanaab Park. It was a great place to snorkel. Lots of fish. We had all gotten wet suits , short sleeves and short pants to wear. The water was a little chilly but lots were in water without wet suits but we were glad to have ours on for sun protection, buoyancy and warmth. It got close to 100 degrees they told us and none of us got sunburn except for an occasional spot missed by sunscreen. We did this for a couple of hours then gathered our stuff and took taxi back to cruise ship and dropped off all our gear, changed our clothes had a quick lunch then headed to town to shop. We were docked by the down town shops. We just had a couple of hours for shopping so Craig and Tyler stayed together and Carrie and I headed out. Lots of fun. We had to be back on the boat by 4:30.

Some of the highlights on the boat, Midnight buffet with ice sculptures. Tyler really wanted to see this. He came to our room about 11 pm and told us to come and get him and wake him up. At 11:30 pm we woke ourselves up and went to get He and Carrie and we could not wake him up, he did talk to us and tell us he did not want to go to let him sleep. But early the next morning he wanted to know why we didn't come get him, that we should have walked him down to it. Ha! We walked down the rows of wonderfully prepared food, ice sculptures and carved fruit and such and Craig took pictures. This was only for picture taking and viewing. The eating didn't start until 12:30 am. I went to bed, Craig and Carrie headed back down to have some samples.

Tour of the Galley, amazing how much food is prepared and served in such a professional way each day.

Shows each night were very entertaining.

We played rook , pinoccle, shuffle board and minature golf. We all found time to relax and read our books. We joined in on boat trivia games and such.

The only down side of the trip was getting off the boat, it took about 2 hours. Not too bad since we were not pressed for time. But next time if in a hurry we will get a porter to take our luggage from the line and he will move you up to front of the line.

Cozumel Cruise

We, Craig, Candy, Carrie and Tyler just went on a four day cruise to Cozumel. It was very fun.

We left Houston at Noon on Thursday arrived at the boat and got settled. Carrie joined us about an hour later as she had to work in the morning. The boat probably left Galveston around 5 pm.

We headed to the lunch buffet and then got settled into our rooms.

What can you say about cruises, FOOD,FOOD and more FOOD. There are the Buffets for Breakfast, lunch and dinner or you can choose to eat in the Dining room and be served.

Everyday we ate Breakfast and lunch in the Buffets and then dinner in the Dining room until the last day where we took all our meals in the dining room.

So many delicious choices on the menu. We started with our shrimp cocktail, salad, bread, soup and then entree and dessert. The first night for dessert I picked out the warm melting chocolate cake with icecream, our waitress whispered to me that I might want to choose something else since this item was on the menu everynight, I looked over the other choices and said No, I'll just have that. The 2nd and 3rd night nothing even looked appealing to me except this delicious dish.

Our waitress rolled her eyes when I once again picked this dessert. For those who know me well, a hot fudge sundae would always hit the spot and this was very close, under the top crust of the cake was warm hot fudge. On the last day there, she presented me with the recipe for this dish, although it serves 1000, calls for 700 eggs. So I put it into my recipe program at home and changed serving size to 10. Jamie found me some ramekin dishes and I plan to fix this for our Easter Dinner dessert. If all turns out well , I will post pictures and recipe.

We dressed up in our fine dress for formal night, that was fun. I can hardly remember the last time we dressed up. Craig got out his Tux for the trip and it had a few little moth holes in it, but no one even noticed. We will have to get that replaced.

We did a lot of fun things on the boat and enjoyed the evening shows with singing and dancing and comedians.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tyler just finished up another Soccer season at the YMCA. He loves to play most any sport. He played goalie for 1/2 of most games. Then switched to a forward to help move the ball . He did score a couple of goals in one games. He just loves to play and takes it all pretty serious.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Tyler has been playing soccer with the YMCA this last couple of months. He loves to play most any sport and has had a lot of fun this season. He played goalie for 1/2 of most of the games and got quite could at stopping the other team from scoring and then loved to play on the 2nd half of game as forward and got to help move the ball down and even scored some goals.