Tuesday, June 24, 2008

San Francisco-2008

After the sisters retreat, we drove back to San Francisco and I met up with Craig and Tyler. We stayed in a hotel right by Fisherman's Wharf. Craig had some meetings on Monday morning. Tyler and I walked to Ghiradelli square and around the waterfront then met back up with Craig for lunch on the waterfront. We rented bikes to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was cool and beautiful, what a fun ride.
We went to a basball game, the Oakland raiders VS the New York Yankees. We then drove to Monterrey and went to the big Aquarium there, it was amazing. We also drove up the coast and paid $9.00 to drive through the neighborhood where Pebble Beach Golf course was. It is set right along the ocean and is very beautiful.
We headed back to San Franciso on Friday and arrived early at the airport and were able to catch an earlier flight home. We had such an enjoyable few days here in California just enjoying the beautiful weather before heading back to Hot, humid Houston.

Sister's Retreat in Redding

On June 4, 2008, I flew into SanFrancisco and met up with two of my sisters, Penny Johnston and Tobi Sanders, we rented a car and drove to Redding to my sister Tami's home. Vicki Hinton was already there. Later that night Terri Lorz came in so all 6 of us were there. Tami has a beautiful home and garden and it is so fun to see all the things she is growing and projects she has undertaken since we were there last.
The weather was delightful and we enjoyed warm days and cool nights. On Saturday we went on a Segway tour going around the Sacramento river. What fun. We ate lots of good food, went swimming, played shuffleboard but mostly just talked and caught up on each other's lives and families.