Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bluebell Icecream

I have a sweet memory of eating vanilla icecream inside of a scooped out cantalope. It was always so yummy to slice a little cantalope with each spoon of vanilla icecream. Last year blue bell came out with this Cantalope and Vanilla icecream and it is soooo good. Taste just like eating it out of a cantalope. Now they only make this icecream once a year and you can only find it for a few weeks. Although I think vanilla icecream with hot fudge and nuts is still my favorite this ranks up there pretty high.

1 Day of School 2008 - 6th Grade

August 25, 2008, First day of Middle School for Tyler and first day of Kindergarten for Hailey.
Tyler was pretty excited and had gotten his supplies all organized and ready to take. Highlights of first day, Wow, we get 5 minutes between classes and since most of his classes are on the same Hall he feels like he has all this free time to himself. And then Lunch is so much more flexible than elementary school. No homework yet. Hailey also had a great day, she didn't have much to say but things would come out as the day went on. It was so hot 97 degrees this day and when Carrie got home from work she took Hailey and Zach swimming along with Tyler.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008

On July 28, we (Craig, Candy and Tyler) flew to Seattle. Peggy picked us up along with Mom Hanis. All the family that live close came over to Mom's house that night to see us. What fun to see all the little ones a year older. Since we were here last summer, Kevin and Kelli moved to a new home and Sarah and Pat also moved to a bigger home.
Tuesday morning we packed up and headed to Kalaloch for a 4 day camping trip.
It was a little drizzley when we arrived at our camp but got all set up. The next day it was beautiful along the ocean. We headed to beach 4 to check out the smelt situation, they were no where to be found.
On Wednesday morning we drove to the Sol Duc Hot Springs. They have a big pool for swimming, and 3 other big hot tubs kept at different temperatures. It was heavenly since this was a very rainy day.
We did all the usual things, tide pool walk, ranger talks at night, cooking by the fire, and hiking through the trails. We saw a bald eagle, a dead seal on beach, little chipmunks, racoons, pelicans,and seagulls.
We came back to Mom's house on Saturday and got cleaned up and clothes washed.
The next week we went camping at Lake Wenatchee with most of the family.
There were 7 families that came. They have a lake we could walk to and swim in. It got quite warm during the day so the lake felt great but cool at night and in the mornings. We had a big camp potluck on Thursday night and that was very yummy. Pat set up his big screen outside and we watched Enchanted until all the little ones were too tired to stay awake. We biked and played games and enjoyed the big outdoors. We headed back to Moms's on Friday , Tyler stayed an extra day with Pat's family. On Monday the 11th, we headed to Hood Canal to Mark and Marci's home. What a treat was instore for us. Mark had 14 dungeness crabs for us to eat. He also made crab cakes, crab louis salad, a crab pasta salad, along with corn on the cob and french bread. What a feast! He sent us home with some salmon to cook and smoked salmon also. We had a great time, but always the highlight is renewing our relationships with family and seeing all the cousins and their families.
It was so great to be with Baba ( Craig's Mom) She is now on a Family History Mission that she can do from home and spends many hours each day helping others from the computer.