Thursday, March 24, 2011

Craig's Knee Surgery

Craig had surgery on his knee Feb. 17,to repair a tear. He was able to walk out of the hospital and really did good. This was the first day at home, remote in hand, sitting in the recliner, what more could you ask for. Notice the "yes" on the knee.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lunch at Vargos

After being gone for a week for Spring Break, when we got back all the Azaleas were in bloom. So we went to Vargos for lunch and to see their garden walkways full of Azaleas. It was so beautiful. They also have many peacocks roaming the gardens.


We drove to Branson. We enjoyed all the family friendly shows, they were great. We saw five while we were there. Baldknobbers Jamboree, Tribute to John Denver, Group called "SIX, 12 Irish tenors, and a Magic show. We visited little shops and had lunch at diner where the waiters and waitresses would sing. Fun trip.

Carthage and Nauvoo

From Branson we drove to Nauvoo and spent two days there. The Nauvoo temple was beautiful and we went inside to do some temple work. Also visited the Carthage jail where Joseph and Hyrum were shot. Loved seeing all the places in Nauvoo.

Molly Jane Hanis has arrived

Houston Zoo & Swimming

We had a lot of fun when Jamie's whole family came for a visit. We went to the Zoo and the kids loved swimming in the Pool in February. We did heat the pool for a day but they swam in the cold water the other days. We had dinner at Amber's one day and at Shad's another day. Lots of fun family time, and then Baba came a few days before Jamie had to leave.

Rodeo Houston 2011

Baba came to stay with us on Feb. 25. We knew she would be here for the Rodeo, Jamie's family, little Mollie's birth, trip to Branson and Nauvoo. We had a lot of fun sharing all these family events with her,lus we needed another Pinochle player.