Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kandersteg, Switzerland, Thursday and Friday, August 9-10, 2012

From Fussen we drove into Switzerland and went to Kandersteg. We originally were going to go to Interlaken, but had a hard time choosing a hotel online. There were too many, they were too costly and the reviews were too negative. I remembered that Tom Krouskopf had told me about a scout camp in Switzerland and a town that started with a "K" that he liked. A quick search and we got Kandersteg, found that it got us closer to Zermatt and, based on the number of hotels, was much smaller. We got the last room in one (Hotel Alfa Soleil) and arrived in the late afternoon. We drove through some amazing scenery and many small Swiss villages. We also stopped in Interlaken. We were glad that we were not staying there as there were hoards of people. Kandersteg turned out to be one of our favorites. The setting was spectacular, the weather was beautiful, and our hotel room was outstanding! We ate outside in front and had a real gourmet meal. We both had herb encrusted filet mignon. It is not often one has flowers on top of their steak. The Wi-Fi worked great, we were able to FaceTime several family members and show them the amazing scenery we had just sitting outside. We kept the windows open all night and had to really snuggle in our down comforters for a good night’s rest. We think you will like the photos.
Our hotel room in Kandersteg. They separte the bed into 2 singles.

The sitting area in our room

Quite the hotel key system

The view from our outside dinner table

Tyler's filet mignon

The joint sitting area in the hotel

Our hotel

Swiss Cow Bells

New friends.

From the cable car back at Kandersteg

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