Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zermatt to Munich, Saturday, August 11, 2012

From Zermatt we headed back to Munich where we had the hotel by the airport again. Naturally, we had to get some morning pictures of the Matterhorn and Zermatt before moving on. Then it was down the hill to Tasch on the train, in the car and on our way to Munich. We wanted to see the country-side again so we accomplished that task and drove on the most incredible road that perhaps I have ever been on. I am not sure the pictures do it justice. We went into the mountains from the valley on an extremely narrow road with unbelievable switch backs. We would have to look ahead to see when other cars were coming so we could find a spot wide enough for the two cars to pass. The problem was confounded by the number of motorcyclists and bicyclists. They were a constant presence. And then there were the occasional tour buses. Not only were the roads narrow, but there really were no substantial guard rails unless you count the small metal poles with a string connecting the top. Did I mentione that it was steep and a long way down if you went off the road. In other words we loved it. We passed waterfalls, cows, goats, and some snow. From the top of the pass we then went on to Munich passing numerous small towns and one small country. Tyler had in mind that we needed to go through Lichtenstein so it was on our route. We spent about twenty minutes in Lichtenstein including a fill up and driving through. We drove on and went through Innsbruck, Austria.

As usual, the small towns we passed each had its own central church surrounded by tens of houses to maybe a hundred or more. As a matter of fact, we learned a lot about previous times just seeing the organizational layout of different places from the castles and farms to the churches, villages and farms. It seems unfortunate that in all the progress we have lost the central roll and organizational structure that these churches and faith offered. Once we entered Germany we again enjoyed the autobahn and arrived at our hotel around 9:00 PM. We are winding things up.
Sunset on the Matterhorn


Flowers on our patio

There is a graveyard filled with similar grave markers

An old styler building built on piers with large round rocks to stop rats from getting in.

Hiking shoes are for sale everywhere

An amazing road with unbelievable switchbacks

It was pretty spooky, but at least this section was a full two lanes

Our favorite speed limit sign again - none

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